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Let’s talk about …

Let’s Talk About Adoption

Type in “Let’s talk about” into any catalog and watch the hits roll by… Some good some not so good.    I couldn’t believe the variety of topics.   I know that many of these titles are part of larger series.  My general comment about these titles is to remember the audience and make sure that the title is doing the job intended.  Youth materials can age very quickly.

This teen nonfiction special is outdated.  Weeder!

Let’s talk about  Overdoing It

Okay, why is this title “revised educational use”?

Let’s Talk About When You Think Nobody Likes You

What about if people really DON’T like you?

Let’s Talk about S-E-X
A read and discuss guide for people 9-12 and their parents
Gitchel and Foster

Kudos to Gitchel and Foster since they updated this title with a new edition in 2005.  The 2005 cover is much better since this one is a bit creepy looking.  Libraries:  update with a newer edition.


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  • Would it be wrong to suggest the publishers of the “Let’s talk about” series refer to their own “Let’s Talk About Overdoing It” title?

  • I love the “Let’s Talk About When You Think No One Likes You”! I can just imagine some awkward child trying to tell kids “well, I read in a book that you are cruel and therefore I should disregard your immature taunting.” Sadly this is something I probably would have said now that I think of it… But I turned out okay, right guys? Right? Oh man, I think no one likes me.

  • I think it’s revised because it was a book for parents to buy their kids, I swear I had a book about cleaning my room from the same series or one that used a similar artist/style at least. I still don’t clean well though!

  • I loved those Joy Berry books! My parents used to order regularly from Grolier and we got all those ‘Let’s talk about’ books. Still, goes to show how old those books are.

  • Wow
    The gov’t could really get sweet info on high school deviants with this series!
    ~A young gal checks out ‘Let’s Talk about Adoption’ — why she MUST be a pregnant teenager! Call the parents and Planned Parenthood, and trap her in a room for 3 hrs til she says who did this to her!
    ~A young man in a trenchcoat checks out ‘…when Nobody Like You’…maybe they are prime candidates for a Columbine type incident! Call the parents and ransack their homes and check all their email history and blogging.
    ~A 10-yr old checks out ‘Let’s Talk about Sex’…well it’s time for a phone call to the parents and a 3-hour talking-to from their counselor til they spill the beans on the potential 10-yr old partner!
    What a GREAT series of books, making the world a better place!

  • I didn’t see the “When you THINK” part of the “Nobody Likes You” title. My mind was momentarily blown, then I thought about eBaying it.

    A book that addressed the fact that most of us are pretty unlikeable from time to time would be a very cool read for elementary and middle-schoolers.

  • I scrolled down too fast and I thought the third “Let’s talk about…” book was really titled “When nobody likes you.”

    As for the fourth one, oh, stop being coy, authors. Just write “sex”. This “S-E-X” gimmick is silly.

  • My mother bought that whole series of books by Joy Berry for my kids. I read each & every one of them to my kids and I don’t believe they absorbed any of those lessons!

  • Let’s Talk About… What I’ll Be Reading All Weekend!

    …to the library!

  • The 1980s series rings a bell for me–there was a set of them in my parochial K-8 grade school library in the 90s.

  • I recently bought the Let’s Talk About Box Set from Joy Berry Books and I think the version you’re showing here is very old. The set I have is much more modern looking. My kids love these books! I plan on buying more of them as my kids age.

  • Good old Joy Berry, she will write a book about anything 🙂
    I bought “When to say No” for the preschoolers I teach. It has some good stuff, but it sometimes comes off as preachy and is bordering on overkill.

  • When I was 5, maybe 6, I received the Human Race Club series of books by Joy Berry. They’re probably still hiding in my mom’s house somewhere. Lying in wait to scare a small child, should one happen to wander by. I had no idea she was so prolific. Obviously, I’m not a librarian.

  • I spot John Lennon and Yoko Ono on the last cover!

  • I really prefer the Salt n Pepa version of that last one.