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Let’s Play the Marriage Game!

Marriage Game coverThe Marriage Game: understanding marital decision making
Greenblat, Stein, and Washburne

Submitter: This book was found by one of my very young co-workers who was dying over it. The cover is very 70s Peter  Max eye-catching, and I am sure it has some really interesting thought provoking discussions about marriage, it does seem to be a bit out-dated on some topics; though the sexual focus/obsession is timeless. The sexual gratification cards kinda gave us all the giggles.  It does seem to be a bit forward thinking such as people living together without being married.   It even has some mention of abortion which is really forward since Roe v. Wade was 1973.   Some of the explanations of how to play are really priceless.   I decided to weed this because I thought that our religious studies folks would probably want the official Catholic marriage counseling version.   Some of the discussion points on the marriage decisions were really out-dated topics that I doubt any person under 30 would get.   Not surprising this book was checked out only twice, the last time 1981.

Holly: I love it.  I looooove it.  This is hilarious!  If this goes in a library book sale, it will be snatched up in minutes flat.

You could probably have gotten away with having this in a public library, but not past the early 1980s.  After that it was already dated.  By “religious studies,” do you mean that this came from an academic library, submitter?  Not sure that was ever the right place for it!

Clearly, it’s a weeder for most libraries.  Still fun, though!

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