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Let’s Look at Dogs

Let’s Look at Dogs

Submitter: This little gem was shoved in the middle of the fiction section at my middle school library. Not only is it horribly out dated, but I’m pretty sure the target audience in this book isn’t urban middle schoolers, so I’m not sure how it ended up in fiction instead of in the “to weed” pile, where it belongs.

Holly: Good catch, Submitter! This one has “gone to the dogs.”

(See what I did there?)

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2 Responses to Let’s Look at Dogs

  • Pretty awful. I loved dogs as a kid, though we could never have one, and I would have happily taken this book home and memorized every outdated word and every crummy picture. The pictures – so important in a book for young people – make the book seem even older than it is.

    Why is it not appropriate for middle-schoolers, though? It might be a little young, but it’s not overly simplified. Look at some modern books; even those aimed at adults seem to be written at a 4th grade level and heavily illustrated. Or is being “urban” the issue? Urban kids like dogs too!

  • “I’m writing you a ticket for those pants, which are a crime against fashion.”