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Yoga CoverYoga: The 8 steps to health and peace

Submitter: I have a submission for a book I just weeded from our collection. We are a suburban community college located outside of Philadelphia. I found this gem in the Nursing section of our library’s collection. The contents of the book are not awful – there is a great section on nutrition and the various types of yoga methods that exist. The section on practicing yoga nutrition is still relevant today even though the book is 43 years old. However, there are much newer titles out there. This book has not circulated in years and the photos of men doing yoga in leisure suits probably do not help. The women performing yoga moves are in very dated leotards. Some of these women also look like they may have been Charles Manson followers at on time.

Holly: Loooove the photos! Submitter is right that there are newer titles out there. There are lots of books on lots of topics out there that are relevant and even accurate, but so outdated in layout, photos, and style that no library patrons want to pick them up. If it hasn’t circulated in years, that’s a good indicator that it is no longer needed.

Yoga contents

Yoga lotus

yoga half lotus

Yoga in a lesirue suit

yoga shoulder stand

yoga alternate leg stretch




  1. Me, scrolling: Haha, these pictures are great! (gets to number 32) GAAAH! WHY IS HIS SHIRT UNZIPPED?? Why does he have that expression on his face? (traumatized for life)

  2. Although the step by step instructions are detailed enough to be useful, the photos (the lighting has too many shadowed areas), and overall look of the book would deter patrons. BTW, I think the man in the photos is wearing a Jumpsuit, or as Rusty Venture calls it, a speed suit.

  3. Um, that is not a leisure suit. It is a jumpsuit in some kind of stretchy material — terrycloth, I hope, but maybe velour (ugh). I don’t think the classic scoopnecked leotards on the women are a problem, though I suppose today the tights would be less opaque? Or maybe absent altogether?

  4. Ah, yes. I remember when yoga=lotus position. People who did yoga spent all of their time either sitting cross-legged, or standing on their heads. 😉

    1. To be fair, I *think* this is only a sample of the pictures? Presumably they get to sun salutes and downward dogs at some point. The book seems to be more about the meditative practice than about the exercise potential, which was typical then.

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