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Leave room for the Holy Spirit

Dating for Young Catholics

Dating is serious business. Just so you know, the only reason to date is because you want to get married, otherwise hands off, and keep walking. So kids, don’t get too close to each other and make sure you make room for the Holy Spirit.

These books are an interesting peek into a bygone time. From the Catholic point of view, the information is consistent and not “wrong”, but I doubt if any Catholic young people are going to snatch up a book directed at their grandparents. Even if the message is the same, updating and context matter. Now the nuns or your mother will text you to leave room for the Holy Spirit at your next dance.


The Sisters Teach Manners

ALB Risks Eternal Damnation! (same Author)

Taking all the fun out of sex

Meet Cute at the Library

6 Responses to Leave room for the Holy Spirit

  • Who knows more about dating and relationships than a priest….

    • I’d’ve sworn we’ve seen stuff from this particular one before, but searching doesn’t turn him up. Wikipedia doesn’t have anything on him either.

  • With this old Catholic-schoolgirl the Holy Spirit was in NO danger of being crowded out: I never went to a dance

  • I guess if you have kids your marriage evolves from bistro set to dining room suite!

  • I think my mom may have read this book; she went to Catholic school. Wowee…

  • My question is why would the woman who finds a richer man to marry just leave her kids with her ex-husband? Even materialistic assbags usually want some sort of custody over their kids. Was that like, a thing or something back when this was written? I have so many questions…