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Lady Law

Everywoman's Legal Guide cover


Everywoman’s Legal Guide: Protecting Your Rights at Home, In the Workplace, and in the Marketplace

Submitter: There were two copies of this 80’s legal advise book in my library system. When a colleague saw it, she jokingly remarked “knowing women’s laws, those might still be current!” Well, let’s hope not.

Holly: Narry a computer mentioned, I’m sure!

Rights of injured workers

Never-Married Parents and their children

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6 Responses to Lady Law

  • Love the marbled paper legal file, dahling….

  • I wonder if the women who lost their jobs, which they “protected” by being sterilized, sued the American Cyanamid Company ( The bulk of the former company is now part of Pfizer, with smaller portions belonging to BASF, Procter & Gamble and other firms, according to Wikipedia.)?

    • Looks like they sued and initially lost, but the loss was overturned in the 1991 Supreme Court decision that said fetal protection policies like this were a violation of Title VII.

  • I think this book would be wonder as a resource for a Women’s Study program.

  • This looks like a really fantastic book…for 1984. I have many of these legal questions now, and I wasn’t born when this book was published.

  • Wow, those pamphlets on the cover look incredibly dull.