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Everywoman’s Legal Guide: Protecting Your Rights at Home, In the Workplace, and in the Marketplace

Submitter: There were two copies of this 80’s legal advise book in my library system. When a colleague saw it, she jokingly remarked “knowing women’s laws, those might still be current!” Well, let’s hope not.

Holly: Narry a computer mentioned, I’m sure!

Rights of injured workers

Never-Married Parents and their children

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  1. I wonder if the women who lost their jobs, which they “protected” by being sterilized, sued the American Cyanamid Company ( The bulk of the former company is now part of Pfizer, with smaller portions belonging to BASF, Procter & Gamble and other firms, according to Wikipedia.)?

    1. Looks like they sued and initially lost, but the loss was overturned in the 1991 Supreme Court decision that said fetal protection policies like this were a violation of Title VII.

  2. This looks like a really fantastic book…for 1984. I have many of these legal questions now, and I wasn’t born when this book was published.

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