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Blue Collar Jobs for Women - coverBlue-Collar Jobs for Women: A Complete Guide to Getting skilled & Getting a High-Paying Job in the Trades

Submitter: My large local public library has reciprocal lending with a local community college library. Therefore we can borrow books from them. This book was part of the career section for their students. Both the local library and the community college library have copies of this book. A career book for women from 1979! The book is full agencies and departments to write to for more information on the listed careers. How many of them are still in their locations, never mind still existing, is unknown. I have worked in libraries for 18 years. This book is older than me. I think it’s time to withdraw and get something newer.

Holly: Totally. I am NOT climbing a telephone pole for $6.86 an hour, with the hope of someday reaching $8.34 an hour. Not. Happening.

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  1. Here in the city, I have not seen a Telephone line man work with a belt since the 80’s. I wonder if that still happens anywhere more rural? I would think they have all moved to cherry pickers by now.

  2. There might still be some locations where the cherry pickers are impractical–poles running along the side of a rural road that has a low max weight limit due to aging bridges, places where the line was set up along a railroad rather than a road and the rail line has since been pulled up, and so on.

    I’m now wondering whether some of the small communities north of here that are only accessible by float plane or ice road (I’m in Canada a considerable distance from the US border) were ever wired into the phone network, or they had to wait for satellite link-ups to become practical.

  3. My uncle sometimes climbed telephone poles (no cherry picker; he also did some phone line installation and repair work inside buildings). It was a high-paying job for him for a long time before he retired (within the past 2 or 3 years). But you couldn’t pay me any amount to do that — I’m terrified of heights.

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