Lady Bodyguard

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The Reluctant Bodyguard

This time we have a bit of a switch: the bodyguard is a woman! Chad, a local TV personality, has been getting some disturbing mail from a fan. His police buddy sets him up with a female bodyguard, Jenna. This book has it all: romance, suspense, and a guy working through some issues about needing to be protected by a woman. Not that bad. It’s dated, but I am partial to the suspense angle in romance.

The reason I posted this today is that this 1994 paperback was held together with tape and prayer. I blacked out the handwritten “barcode” number. This book also had several layers of a date due stickers on the cover. Question for the holding library: at what point are you willing to say enough is enough? I feel comfortable saying that you can probably weed this and pick up a used paperback in reasonable condition for a buck or two. This owning library has already spent more than the book is worth on tape, stickers, and staff time to buy several copies.

Time to let this go.


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  1. “How would she reconcile her responsibilities as a police officer with her feelings as a woman?” If that is the tenor of the book itself, no, thank you.

    1. Yeah, I doubt “How would he reconcile his responsibilities as a police officer with his feelings as a man?” has been written in any romance novel.


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