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Ladies! Kick off the shackles of marriage

The Divorced Woman’s Handbook: An Outline for Starting the First Year Alone

Submitter: I found this book at my local public library. I am sure this book was very helpful and a great choice for a public library back in 1980. Each chapter has important books to read and  organizations to write to  for more information. All of that is now 34 years old. I wish I could  “Count my blessings” that this book would get weeded.

Holly: This book has a few little nuggets of good information, but is mostly outdated. It’s also sexist – in line with the times, but not the pep talk we’d give a divorced woman today. I especially like the “count your blessings” list (below): “If you hanker for an onion sandwich at 3:00 A.M., you can have an onion sandwich!” I fail to see how having a husband keeps you from a late-night snack. <“Whatever! I do what I want!”>

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9 Responses to Ladies! Kick off the shackles of marriage

  • I’ve got to get myself a hat!

  • Thank goodness! No more ironing his hankies!

  • Onion sandwiches? Turnips? No wonder you’re single.

    • My late mother-in-law actually did make herself onion sandwiches when her (cheating) husband was away on business. For lunch, however, not in the middle of the night. As a food bigot, he didn’t permit the cooking or consumption of onions, among other things, when he was in the house. (Yes, his offspring came with some baggage…) They never got divorced, though.

  • This is a fascinating time capsule of advice for women who would have married in the 50s and 60s. I like that this book emphasises that you can be independent, and that it’s okay to have sex outside of marriage. The generation that this book targeted would almost certainly have been told precisely the opposite in childhood. Of course, it’s an utterly ludicrous book for women who married in the 90s or after!

  • And now I’ve got the theme song from the Mary Tyler Moore Show stuck in my head. Sigh.

  • So curious what government-made/endorsed/approved product a divorced lady in a high crime lady can buy (end of 3rd illustration)

  • this would have been considered outdated in 1980.