Ladies, come to order!

Ladies please come to order coverLadies, Please Come to Order

I am not a “club” person or a “joiner” (library stuff not withstanding, but I resist all committees and meetings).

One of my favorite library stories is when Holly once had to make a presentation to a local club and sat through an entire discussion about the dessert served, the relative value of pies vs. cakes and if charging an extra dollar for the club lunch was too much. She told me she was 5 seconds away from grabbing the microphone and assigning who would eat pie and who would eat cake.

For the over 40ish crowd, think of  this book as Erma Bombeck handing out tips on parliamentary procedure and club administration.This lighthearted book has all sorts of tips on forming clubs, running meetings, fundraising, etc. None of it particularly bad or wrong, just dated. For those who care, women’s clubs date back a long time, and were a way women could educate themselves in a socially acceptable manner.  Fun fact: 75% of U.S. public libraries were initially started or supported by women’s clubs.

In the words of Groucho Marx:  “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.” 


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  1. To regular people they’re meetings. To someone with Apserger’s such as myself they are torture. Wanting to be part of something social even though you get overwhelmed too easily, but when you have to just sit and listen to someone go on and on and you can hardly understand them because they speak too softly. Or in a sharp nasal whine. Or a deep drawling monotone. Or there are constant noises coming from elsewhere in or outside the building distracting you. I’m lucky I don’t run screaming out of the room. 🙁

  2. The sheer noise even of 8 or 10 women. I know this is a stereotype but in a women’s group I’ve recently been in I’ve come very close to fleeing. These are retired ladies. It may be a hearing issue.

    Of course mixed groups can be noisy too, but maybe more so in certain environments such as sports arenas.

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