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Know the Score

Know the Score coverKnow the Score: Video Games in Your High-Tech World

Submitter: When I found this book, I happened to glance over at the kids gaming on our computers–our slim, stream-lined computers and thought WOW! This should have been pulled years ago! I guess if someone wanted a laugh, they could flip through this book. Isn’t photo #3 the wizard from ‘Big’?? Haha.

Holly: I’m sure we posted this book in the early days of ALB, but darned if I can find the post. If it’s still lingering in libraries, it’s worth posting again!

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Computer games vs. video games

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9 Responses to Know the Score

  • I was ordering video games for the children’s department back then. I’ve since moved on to the adult services and then retirement. (Which may be a form of weeding, I guess.)
    Video games have done likewise. So should this book.

  • Technology books date themselves very quickly. I used to work for a bookstore, which made an effort to purge them every 6 months or so. Since I had “some” computer “knowledge” it usually fell to me.

  • I’m assuming they have a chapter explaining that you could totally write swears on the tombstones in Oregon trail? when I was playing asshair died tragically a number of times…

  • Put it in your next library sale. It’s not worth keeping on the shelves, but retro game fans might well be interested in buying it. (I wouldn’t mind it myself!)

    • I second this^ We underestimate the retro value some things may have. This book is one of them.

    • Absolutly! We recently had to buy old pre-owned books as our university has now a new study program about video games.

  • Hmmm… I suspect it’s not only the computers that are dated in this book. I think games themselves have moved on just a little from the illustrated: DOS games, anyone? Text based games, and is that B&W one Donkey Kong? (No, on 2nd look, it’s a very early Mario Bros!!)

    I really shouldn’t make fun, though. A local auction house recently sold off a collection of retro gaming systems from around this era – the prices were amazing!