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Knit yourself a toilet cozy

Knitting For Your Home

Submitter: My local library had this dated book in its crafts section. What caught my eye was the section on knitting for your toilet. I guess that makes sense since we do sit there for a spell each day.

Holly: Indeed we do! Do people still have those toilet tank cozies in their bathrooms? My grandma did in the 80s. Maybe she used this book for inspiration.


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10 Responses to Knit yourself a toilet cozy

  • Those cant be hygienic?

    • No less hygienic than any toilet seat cover I would think. My mother-in-law lived in a cold climate, and had a fuzzy cover for the sitting part of the toilet seat.

  • I need a knit fruit basket!!!…Wait a minute. No. No, I do not.

  • I’ll admit that I kinda liked the fruit basket until I read that it is stiffened with sugar water. There is a reason “the technique has gone out of style in the past thirty years.” Ants!

    • Fabrics, including knits, can be stiffened with undiluted starch. So this would still be a viable pattern.

    • I’m kind of surprized it was ever IN style. The fact that ants love sugar has to have been known since sugar was first refined.

  • Fortunately, I cannot knit – but, that said, that fruit basket can also be crocheted… I have a pattern somewhere around her at home. 🙂

  • She looks like an extra from “Say, say, say!” on VH1!

  • My grand mother’s were manufactured (“boughten”), but of the same idea.

  • The problem with that toilet cover (other than the fact that it’s, y’know, a toilet cover) is that it’s well-nigh impossible to get the knitted stripes straight — as the picture demonstrates.

    Old knitting books can be a valuable source of information and inspiration, but this? Not so much