Knife Throwing

Knife Throwing coverKnife Throwing: A Practical Guide

Submitter: No, this wasn’t found in the Children’s section, but it was found in the 796’s-like it’s a sport! It does talk about competitions, but still.

Holly: Isn’t knife throwing a sport? If they have competitions, then maybe so. This isn’t the worst choice for a subject for an adult collection, but I’m sure there are newer books out there. Future circus acts rely on good knife throwing books in libraries!

I don’t know a lot about knives, but it’s possible that they have been re-engineered in the last 40 years in ways that have changed their shape, size, and weight. Seems like those things would affect throwing accuracy. When throwing knives, accuracy seems pretty important, no?

This particular copy seems a bit overly taped, too. At least it isn’t peeling or yellow. Score one for 40 year old tape! I’d love to see the inside of this book. My guess is that the pictures are all in black and white and feature men with impressive mustaches, in short shorts and tube socks, throwing hunting knives at home made targets.




  1. Knife-throwing and -fighting skills are taught in some martial arts, including the one I studied. The subject was hard to find books about then (80s), so I used one written in Japanese (which I don’t speak or read) with lots of illustrations. I would have been happy to know there was a book like this available. Competitive knife- and axe-throwing are practiced at some historical re-creations such as Renaissance fairs and outdoors games or heritage festivals.

  2. I was really hoping to see some pictures from this book. Like Holly, I am also imagining some really great mustaches and impressive outfits.

  3. The 1989 edition (available used at featured, alas, a guy in slacks and shirt sleeves, presumably the author, sans mustache. And lots of b&w pictures of knives, lots of pictures of knives.

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