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Kitchen Planning and Design CoverKitchen Planning and Design-Theory

This is a major snoozefest of a book. The library in which it was found took the cover off, so it’s just a purple cardboard plain cover. It was found in a technological university, which is right where it belonged…30+ years ago. I’m not sure why it’s still there.

It is a manual for how to set up a commercial kitchen, such as a restaurant or catering business. It goes through equipment, kitchen design, food storage…all very useful topics. However, my husband is a partner in a brewery, and I can tell you that when they had to submit their kitchen plan to the state for approval and inspection, this would have been completely useless. There are new rules since 1979 about food safety, equipment efficiency, electrical/plumbing/gas, and all kinds of codes that affect setting up a commercial kitchen. They would have been in a world of hurt if they used the information presented in this book!


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