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Meals That Can Wait
A Cookbook for Commuters’ Wives, Week-End Hostesses, and Other Dependents of the Undependable

Another harried housewife cookbook for your consideration. I am not sure there is anything particularly exciting about this cookbook. Remember, this is before the microwave. I get that many of these recipes “keep warm,” so maybe that is the big selling point of this book. The recipes aren’t really easy or quick in my opinion. It really is outdated and the cover art is boring. Even if the greatest recipes were inside this book, no one would take a second look.

Enjoy your holiday leftovers,


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  1. I’ve never understood why it was the wife’s responsibility to keep dinner warm indefinitely for a husband who can’t be bothered to get home in time for dinner. If you’re so late that the food is cold, it’s on you!

    1. To be fair, my grandparents were poor, so my granddad worked a lot. My grandma apparently used to keep things warm by using a steamer. Totally agree if the stupid git was at the pub drinking the rent away, though!

      1. Thanks for posting this! She seems really interesting . And I too want to know about Doomsday Chicken!

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