Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Sports Vision coverSportsvision: Dr. Revien’s Eye Exercise Program for Athletes
Revien and Gabor

Submitter: This was found on the shelves in our public library system (mid-size, 10 branches.) It was no longer in the catalog, so came to me in the Technical Services department. I have no idea if the science behind this has been superseded or debunked, but at the very least, this is painfully out of date. The sports icons shown as examples in the pages include Terry Bradshaw, Bjorn Borg, Pete Rose and Nancy Lopez. And the illustrations and photographs are unselfconsciously 1970s hilarious.

Holly: This is owned by quite a lot of colleges and universities…including a College of Optometry library. I sincerely hope it isn’t part of the curriculum there!

Back cover

Binocular Rotation

Eye exercises

The Swinging Ball

swinging ball

swinging ball


Video distraction

Concentration and Distraction



  1. What a tiny TV! Even for a portable back then.

    Man on page 61 is a big Magritte fan.

    Couldn’t you, just, I dunno… practice your actual sport more?

    1. I had a tinier TV than that, by a lot. It served me well all through graduate school and into my first apartment as a married person.


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