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Complete Book of Roller Skating

Submitter: Ever since I found this on a weeding truck, I’ve been clinging to the belief that this gem from 1979 has stayed in the collection because of its obvious humor value and not, say, its value as an actual book. I do enjoy imagining the photo shoot that Ann-Victoria Phillips went through and that this is the shot that screamed “cover.” I know that the cover model is the author because of the handy arrow!  The additional page displays the enthusiasm for roller skating found throughout the book.

Holly: Good grief, people, weed your roller skating books!  If your town has an active roller rink or some other reason for roller skating books, at least update them.



  1. I agree this book is too dated, those disco moves have to go! But, don’t think that roller skating is a thing of the past, or only for towns with “active roller rinks.”
    My daughter just asked for, and received, a pair of skates (yes, the 4 wheeled ones!) yesterday for her 18th birthday! Our rinks are miles away. Roller Derby has come back too!

  2. While the book should be replaced with something to up to date, I disagree with the disco moves having to go. One of the biggest dancing book check outs we’ve got is a disco dancing book. (So big, in fact, that the librarian is considering getting some disco dancing instruction DVDs.) And we’ve got a modern book about skateboarding in the 1970s that’s hugely popular.

    In fact, I just googled, and there are still roller discos. In England at least.

    I found those while trying to see if there were up to date roller disco books.

  3. I had this (and some of the other disco skating books).

    My preteen into teen years were very much like Lindsey from “Freaks and Geeks.” Disco skating was my foray into normalcy, such as it was.

    One of our local radio stations plays disco music on Saturday nights. I enjoyed listening to the old disco hits while going to sleep those nights, but kept noticing my legs hurt on Sunday morning. I finally figured out I was skating to the disco songs in mhy dreams!

  4. Roller derby (for women) is making a huge comeback in the Toronto area. Although this subject falls outside my weeding area, I would recommend that our library system keeps our roller books.

  5. I frequently see people try to mark through barcodes by drawing a horizontal line through them. That won’t work. Make a vertical line (parallel to the barcode lines) all the way through.

  6. Grocery girl (and others!) We pull our bar codes right off, and stamp ‘discard’ where the bar code sticker used to be! However, knowing how to mark a bar code so that it won’t read any longer is useful!
    I used to roller skate outside, with the old clamp on roller skates – haven’t tried indoor roller skating in any form… .oh oh, does that date me?

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