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fearless cooking for crowds cover

Fearless Cooking for Crowds

With Thanksgiving nearly here and the rest of the holiday madness kicking into high gear, it is time to break out some recipes for your special holiday meals. Evidently the woman on the cover has been taken over by some robot species and forced to create special family dinners. Nothing says “festive” robotic Stepford wives armed with complicated recipes. Or possibly she is really is afraid of cooking.

The actual recipes are decent. I guess we will eat well when the robot overlords come to steal our souls.


back cover of fearless cooking



  1. What is she looking at?! Why wouldn’t you look at the camera when taking a photo for the cover of your own cookbook?!

  2. Who in their sane mind tries to cook for fifity? I couldn’t put fifty people in my house. Also the first receipe they mention in the list seems to fish and cheese, which all French chefs will tell you never to do.

  3. Cover looks great with the setting and food, but I do agree with Talley and Mary that the the model on the cover (based on Google, I think its Evans (the author) herself) looks odd. Either the model or the photographer should have placed her (herself) in an angle like that. Most cookbooks, like Martha Stewart’s, have the cook or person front and center and smiling at the camera.

    Was it a bad selection (by the model, editorial crew, or the photographer) of a photo, or was it some type of retribution (the parties were arguing over contract terms of the book and decided to select the worst possible cover to reduce sales. Crazy theory but odd things happened in the world).

    Makes you wonder?

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