Just in time for holiday parties!

Better Homes & Gardens Guide to Entertaining

Submitter: I am attaching a cover scan of one of my favorites, copyright 1969. People this groovy can only be doing one thing. Look closely at the center of the photo….that’s right…it’s a fondue party!

Holly: Everyone seems to love these old books about entertaining. The decor and fashion are always…entertaining! This one has got to come off public library shelves. Put it in the book sale, folks!


  1. Actually with this I’d be inclined to keep it if it’s in good shape. One of our most popular check outs is a Martha Stewart book from when she must’ve been in her late 20s/early 30s, just judging by how youthful she looks. People check it out to make fun of it and because she’s so young on the cover and has long hair, but when they return it they say with a shocked look on their face “This is the MOST HELPFUL entertaining book I EVER read!”

    Plus, retro stuff is cool.

  2. I’m still fuzzy about what fondue is. There is a fondue place not too far away or at least it has fondue in the name. Oh yes they look like they’re having a fun time with the fondue.

    1. Fondue involves taking bite-sized pieces of food, skewering them on a little fork, and dipping them into a heated sauce.

      Bread is typically dipped in a cheese sauce. Meats (raw) will be cooked in a variety of different liquids. Fruits and cheesecake are often dipped in chocolate.

      It tends to make for a long evening, and doing the food prep yourself can be time consuming. Still, I think it’s a lot of fun to do, and it makes for a neat (and kinda retro) alternative to standard party finger food.

      My friends and I have a tradition of doing a three course fondue dinner every New Year’s Eve. It’s always a lot of fun.