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I honestly couldn’t post this one fast enough!  Just when you think no one can top any of the fashion and hair things, in comes an unamed library in Ohio with one of the best books yet.  Thanks submitter.  Here are some others you will not want to miss.

Aren’t Bobbie and Tom sweet looking?  Sometimes things are so perfectly awful, words just can’t do this justice.



  1. Wow. This book is why you created this blog.

    So many of the books you feature have only become awful by virtue of age. But this book was born awful.

    No offense, Tom and Robbie. You are rokkin’ dudes.

  2. This book would be OK if published as a new edition under a different title: “The Ultimate Handbook to Sweet Mullets.”

  3. (gasp) Bobby and Tom live just across town from me! I’ve seen them at the grocery store! Yes, I live in Redneckville.

    1. You don’t have to live in a rural area or south of the Mason-Dixon line to see these … I live in NYC and they are here as well.

  4. This must be the hair book that the folks whom keep showing up on peopleofwalmart.com use. (Including some of the women!)

    The cover alone – UG! He reminds me of when my Ken dolls came with “real” hair instead of molded hair. It was always that messy no matter what I did!

  5. The worst part is that even the most recent version of the Milady cosmetology text features similarly outdated hairstyles. It’s used by most major cosmetology schools in the US and Canada (often due to a state board requirement), yet never seems to have anything up to date.

      1. Isn’t that the general saying for mullets since they first appeared on the scene?

        Only person whom looked good in a mullet – MacGyver!

        He could also use his mullet to break out of prisons in small despot-ruled countries.

  6. If you want to share some more pictures of this book in a follow-up post, that’d be fine by me. Simply freakin’ amazing. Those are two of the finest mullets ever worn by man. I live in Kentucky and even I have never seen such finely-groomed mullets before. (Thank God)

  7. Looks like some of the pictures from my high school yearbook. Those pictures would be perfect additions to the Awkward Family Photos website.

  8. Hey, the mullet was HUGE in Russia last fall. These styles come back, you know.

    …actually they don’t come back, it’s just taken them that long to catch up. :/

  9. There used to be a copy of this book in a bookshop i used to work in.

    I would have bought it if it hadn’t been GBP60

  10. Cario, please do! I can’t live the rest of my life without seeing the rest of this book. I won’t feel… fulfilled.

  11. This would be the perfect gift for a high-end hairstylist with an appreciation for irony. Mine had a similar book on the coffee table in his waiting room – fortunately it wasn’t the kind of salon where someone might think anything in it was a good idea. “Um, Daniel, I like THIS one. Can you make me look like this?”

  12. My library recently discarded a book on how to do home hair perms for men. That had some great pictures too! I almost wish I had held on to that…

  13. AC Slater; Patrick Swayze; John Stamos; Andre Agassi; MacGyver; Chuck Norris; the dude from Falcon Crest; the dude from T.J. Hooker; and on and on… the list of Cool Dudes that sported the mullet is long.

    Don’t act like you hated it. You loved it. You still do.