Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey - cover
Jim Carrey: Funny Man

Submitter: This Jim Carrey bio is 20 years old. To think of all the success he has had since then, make this book obsolete. There was not much worth scanning in this book except an address you can write to Jim! Should write and see if he responds?

Holly: Yeah, you do that and let us know how it goes! Look at his fresh face on the cover. Far cry from the bearded look he currently has going on.


Jim Carrey - address



  1. It’s a problem for libraries in my area, as he’s a local boy (hometown is the next town north of us), and so kids still have to do school projects on him, as he’s famous and formerly local, but all the children’s biographies are about this old!

  2. Jim Carrey is Canadian, and I have to love that (although I’ve never liked Bieber), but he looks ancient with that scraggly old beard! I’ve also read he strongly believes vaccines are toxic and cause autism, and I like that even less.

    1. Yeah, ever since he dated Jenny McVaccinesAreToxinButNotMyBotox he’s been a rabid anti-vaxxer nutjob. >:-(

    1. I remember looking forward to Mask 2. As I recall Carrey turned down the role and the movie got axed

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