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Jet Stewardess - cover

Jet Stewardess

Today’s Friday Fiction features Maria. Maria has been training for a glamorous career in aviation. She was looking forward to a career that moved her around the world to all the romantic places. After 6 months, she was selected to be part of an elite crew with the oh-so-handsome Prince of Sarabia (Where???) and his entourage. What now? Boyfriend Ricky or handsome prince? Decisions, decisions…



Jet Stewardess - back cover

Jet Stewardess - review

Jet Stewardess - Pages 6 and 7

Jet Stewardess - Pages 60 and 61


    1. and the print would be so small one would need a 10X magnifier to read it. i am finding that some books published prior to 1990 are the same. (trying to downsize bookshelves)

  1. Why do so many of these girls already have boyfriends and have to choose between them and the rich dude? Is it some sort of pretentious message about how bad money is?

  2. Sarabia: A small country located between Kyrzbekistan and Glubbdubdrib. Its main trading partner is the Duchy of Grand Fenwick.

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