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Jackson Five

On Stage, Jackson Five

Submitter: I found this relic in the teen section of my local library. There were 1976 bios on each of the 5 Jacksons within this book. As we know, a lot has since changed with the Jacksons, so it’s time for an updated bio.

Holly: Oh, but teens will be looking for this! (Nope.) The Jackson Five are still popular with the teen crowd! (Nope.) The book is still in good condition! (Nope.) I’ll agree to an updated bio – for the Adult section.

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4 Responses to Jackson Five

  • Also, it’s not the Jackson Five; it’s the Jackson 5ive, as anybody who was alive during the 1970s (pretty much) knows.

  • Why, why, why? Here is one instance when I’d advise the student to google it! Or use our Biography in Context database. Whatever is on our keyboards is not as icky as handling the cover of this book!

  • Michael’s voice changed?!