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Careers in the navyCareers in the Navy

Submitter: I have been going through my large local public library and finding lots of gems in their career sections.

Holly: Now, I don’t know Submitter, but it sounds as if maybe they do not work at the library from whence this came. A patron, maybe? How embarrassing! Folks, when your patrons start submitting to ALB, you have a problem.

Let’s start with the fact that 1977 is too old for just about any career book. The navy is a high-tech career that depends on currency! You wouldn’t want to decide to go into the navy, only to find out it is not at all like this book suggests! You wouldn’t even want to write a paper about the thrills of a navy career and receive a big, fat F because your facts are all wrong.

Next, the second page included below says that women are not allowed on ships that may be involved in combat. If you’d like to read up on the Combat Exclusion Policy, you’ll see that it was just last year that it was completely lifted, but even in 1994 exemptions and updates were being made – and that was 17 years after this book was published. It was old before it was even old. Now it’s really old.

This topic is a great addition to a career collection, though, so do update it.



Letter from a naval officer



  1. In the Navy…
    Go find something else to read,
    In the Navy…
    This book is something you should weed,
    In the Navy…
    ‘Cause it’s something you just do not need!
    In the Navy! In the Navy!

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      1. Oops, did not mean that as a reply to the disinfectant comment only. But, that is also a good observation. “Like”

  2. Anyone who actually used this book when it came out has had his/her Navy career and probably retired by now.

    1. Pity the poor recruiter who has to interview someone who decided to enlist because of the information in here.

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