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It is all in the genes

Genetic Engineering
Threat or Promise?

Understanding DNA and Gene Cloning
A Guide for the Curious

Genetic information is dramatically different from what we knew in the 70’s and 80’s.  No mention of Human Genome Project or Dolly, the sheep.  On the second title, does the subtitle “guide for the curious” seem odd?  I get the feeling maybe this is some kind of  mad scientist handbook.  Weed, please!



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  • I guide for the curious! What a great subtitle! Think Tree Surgery: A Guide for the curious, or fill in your own.

  • I have a sinking feeling that I’ve read the first one.

  • I’d read’em, then weed’em. Dolly and the Human Genome Project are already milestones. Those books ain’t current, and outdated Science info can be dangerous.

  • I love you all and the work you do on this blog. It’s brilliant and witty and I’ve told my librarian friends of it. A

    s someone who teaches college composition and gets a tear in his eye when he visits the Newport News public library to see “DVD’s” signs all over, I want to give you this:


  • And it’s by a VAMPIRE…Karl Drlica! Brrrr!