Interracial Marriage

Interracial Marriage - coverInterracial Marriage: Expectations and Realities

Submitter: I am not sure this very old scholarly tome is worth keeping in a modern public library. Maybe a research library? Either way, it is not current and could use an update.

Holly: This was probably a good, well-researched book in 1973. The expectations and realities are no longer, well, expected or reality. This is an easy weeder for a public library. For current data, see Pew.


Interracial Marriage - back cover

Chapter 8 - interracial dating

Interracial Marriage

Chapter 9 - black-white marriages in the U.S.

Interracial Marriage - table of empirical studies



  1. Yeah, a book that uses “miscegenation” to refer to interracial relationships is definitely not a keeper for a public library in 2017. I can see its value in a research library.

    1. I actually had to look that word up. Never heard it before and I was born in the mid-70s.

  2. Interracial marriage had only been LEGAL in the US for 5 years when this was written! So outdated!

  3. The concept of ‘race’ is a 19th Century pseudoscience still popular with the political far right.

    Biologically there is only one Homo Sapiens race, the Human Race.

    The whole book, and anything or anyone else, that ever imagines there to be any difference between people based on colour of skin is therefore (a) nonsense, and (b) racist.

    There are, however, many different human cultures and lifestyles, some of which profoundly disagree with others.

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