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Instant parenting: Just read a story!

What to do When Your Mom or Dad Says…Be good while you are there!

What to do When Your Mom or Dad says..Be Kind to Your Guest!

What to Do When Your Mom or Dad Says… Get Dressed!

Here is a Joy Berry hat trick to get you started on a day of weeding fun. Actually,  I just have to love the eternal optimism of a parent that reads a story to their child hoping said child will then magically transform into “perfect child”.  Talk about the holy grail…

Poor Holly!  After all the years riding shotgun at the reference desk with me and listening to my thousand phone calls from various upset teachers, priests, nuns, other parents, etc  she is happily childless (or should I say “child free”?) and I know her mother blames me for a lack of grandchildren.






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  • Ahhh… more of the Berry Bunch! Worse than gerbils, they are!

  • Please! o please! o pretty please! I need to see just one page to see where I went so very wrong .
    It’s ok Holly my daughter says she’ll never “pop puppies” and all she had for reference was her younger brother

  • Ha! I actually used to check out “What to Do When Your Mom or Dad Says ‘Clean Your Room'” out of the church library on a regular basis. It had some helpful tips for cleaning, like start by making your bed, then pile all the crap in your room up on your bed, then put it away one thing at a time. And there were organizing tips at the end. I still use that “pile stuff on your bed” technique now that I’m in my 30s.

    • I used to do that when I was a kid. Then I’d get distracted and have to beg for permission to sleep downstairs in my sleeping bag because my bed was completely inaccessible.

    • LOVED that book. I absolutely still use the technique of starting to one side of the door and working my way around the room.

      And I remember the drawings of the sad frog being lobbed into the “Toss” box, asserting “I’m still good!”

    • Yes! I SO had that book, and I also still use the same techniques today. That book was awesome!

    • Yes! I had no idea it was a series. I totally had this book when I was a kid and used it frequently!

  • Ha! I had a lot of books in this series when I was a kid.

  • I never thought the Berry books were all that bad myself.

  • I had this series!!! I remember being told to clean my room & being handed “what to do when mom says clean your room!” Hilarious!

  • I think any kid who needs a book on how to get dressed is probably too young to know how to read.

  • What to do when your Mom or Dad says …? Do it!

    • Exactly what I was thinking! I don’t think these statements need any embellishment!

  • Yeah, we had some of these…. I think I quietly got rid of them a couple years ago….

    (And I’m with Tatiana…. some of these are geared at kids that aren’t old enough to read…. which mean I’d have to read them to the kids…. I think I’d rather just tell them what to do instead…,)

  • I had some of these.

    There was one about how to get what you want that was great in its advice. The example I remember… if you want ice cream, try, “After I wash up these dishes, wouldn’t it be great to go out for some ice cream?” or something similar. But brilliant advice on how to manipulate people… I mean to let everybody feel like they got the best end of a deal.

  • I had these books too. I liked them! But crazy old.

  • omg! i have these books. My little girl has been reading these over the summer. LOL

  • there’s something creepy about the strange, kind of stunned-looking, expressions on the kid’s faces on the cover.

  • I actually sort of like the ideas of these books. It doesn’t seem like a ‘story’ to read to the kids at bed time, more a reference book for young readers. Often (and this still happens) I had no idea how best to do the things that my parents asked of me, and a book might have helped.

  • I had the entire set of these books. I absolutely loved them! The one I found most fascinating (as a young hypochondriac) was “…HELP!” It was a first-aid advice book. I believe the cover illustration showed a child hopping up and down while holding his or her finger, which was bleeding. The one I remember best is the “…Clean Your Room,” even though I’d end up reading through the books again instead of actually cleaning my room.

    The illustrations in these books were fantastic. I need to see if I still have them all somewhere!