Information Revolution

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The Information Revolution
The Reference Shelf, v.65, no. 5

Submitter: We’re slowly working our way through the social sciences section, and I hit a set of shelves that had some of the most outdated and useless books I’d seen in ages. This one was rather charming. Also, so gone from the shelves.

Holly: 1995?  I was going to guess early 80’s based on the lady on the cover.  Then again, her computer is more advanced than that.  Still, the lady on the cover and her computer are ridiculous considering this is a book about the information revolution!  The shoulder pad revolution…maybe.

  1. That looks like the old word processor I just got rid of at my parent’s office! Their old secretary WOULD NOT let go of the thing (even though it didn’t work anymore!)

  2. Awesome 80’s hair! Probably 80’s makeup too. A shame this wasn’t in colour. When I saw the name of the series I thought it was the title and was expecting something about Reference books. What are the best titles these days?

  3. You can make a case that the information in this will be outdated just by looking at the cover model’s shoulder pads, stupid floppy tie, blush stipes on her cheeks, and awful blowdry. She stepped out of “Dress for Success for Women.” Even if it’s an updated 90’s version with an old cover photo. Awful!

  4. Sometimes I feel like this is where my library is stuck whenever I suggest something like SMS or IM reference, buying more ebooks, etc. But look at our great revolution! We have a—computer! And, apparently, shoulder pads.

  5. Actually, there is an apostrophe. It’s ’80s, with the apostrophe indicating the missing “19”.