Hoarding is not collection development
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Making a Collection Count

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How to Be Attractive

...  revealing. We were also charmed by the photograph of the woman moisturizing her hands (this photo was part of a two-page spread on the ...  books for women in the 50’s just kill me. The woman on the cover looks like a manikin or a Stepford Wife or something. And ...

“But It’s Historical!”

It seems like every few months we get a flurry of angry comments, emails, etc. on how a certain title would be important for “historical preservation” or in a study of history.  History buffs, collectors, and other lovers of the odd item seem to bris ...

Sexy Sex Stuff for the Ladies!

...  woman can!* Love and sexual fulfillment for the single, widowed, divorced ...  you always wanted to know about sex*. Here, in Any woman can!* he lets women know the secret to finding a man on page 242: milk ...  BOOKS! Free and Female: The Sex Life of the Contemporary Woman Seaman 1972 Submitter: This book was found in a large urban public ...