Hoarding is not collection development
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Making a Collection Count

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“But It’s Historical!”

It seems like every few months we get a flurry of angry comments, emails, etc. on how a certain title would be important for “historical preservation” or in a study of history.  History buffs, collectors, and other lovers of the odd item seem to bris ...

Sexy Sex Stuff for the Ladies!

...  woman can!* Love and sexual fulfillment for the single, widowed, divorced ...  you always wanted to know about sex*. Here, in Any woman can!* he lets women know the secret to finding a man on page 242: milk ...  BOOKS! Free and Female: The Sex Life of the Contemporary Woman Seaman 1972 Submitter: This book was found in a large urban public ...

Avoiding AIDS for the Ladies

The Real Truth About Women and AIDS How to Eliminate the Risks Without Giving Up Love and Sex Kaplan 1987 Considering the date of this publication, this was an interesting take on the AIDS pandemic. At the time, it was still thought of as primarily a gay m ...