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Friday Fiction: The Demon’s Librarian

...  Librarian Saintcrow 2009 Remember ALB fans, I like to feature some fiction ...  already on board with the super smart, motorcycle riding librarian by day and demon hunter by night.  It’s kind of like if Buffy had a day job as a librarian. (Side note: I loved Giles, but c’mon, start digitizing some of ...

Friday Fiction: The Librarian’s Passionate Knight

...  Librarian’s Passionate Knight Gerard 2003 It is still the 16th, so I ...  thinking the title would have been better if is was the Librarian’s passionate NIGHT, but it still works.  It looks like our ...  is considered to be an “innocent, bespectacled, librarian”.  Our hero is a “sexy as sin” wealthy, thrill ...

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