Impractical Pets

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A Practical Guide to Impractical Pets

Submitter: The cover is plain orange, unfortunately. One interior photo shows a cat being given a pill, and the cat looks calm about it!

Holly: Some of these are not really that impractical. Maybe birds, turtles, and rabbits were really exotic in 1976. Sure, the raccoons and squirrels are a bit out there, but these are really impractical pets!


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English mastiff dog




pill to a cat


  1. Brine shrimp – do they mean Sea Monkeys? I once hatched and raised Sea Monkeys not so long ago. 🙂

  2. I like how they include average pets like cats and dogs with wild animals should nobody ever keep as pets (for the health/safety of both the animal and the human) like coatis (Which is labeled as a raccoon for some reason???) and kinkajous.

  3. I was about to get up in arms and shout ‘that’s a coati, not a racoon!’ but then I saw they had actually said that. Never occurred to me before that they were related.

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