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Implement Weaponry

101 Weapons for Women: Implement Weaponry: A Unique Concept in Women’s Self-Defense
by Rodney R Rice

Thank you, submitter, for another look at women’s self-defense.   This one does have some good advice, but it’s a little out of date.  Who has a banana clip in their purse?  A computer disk?  A cactus? Is that a bra she’s choking the guy on the cover with?  They don’t come off quite that quickly or easily…

Check out these images from inside the book:

These are great ways to hurt your attacker, but makeup implements always seem to fall to the bottom of the purse.  Do you really want to dig around for them?

Ouch!  Here’s a reason to keep a cactus handy!  I generally don’t have tapes or disks at the ready, though.  Maybe a CD…

I also haven’t seen any metal file boxes in a while.

Now floss I’ve got!

It’s like a movie where the woman slaps the man with gloves!  My fleece gloves might not be as effective as a nice leather pair, though.

Wouldn’t the straw just bend?  Were straws made of tougher stuff in 1991 than they are now?

Will mp3 players and iPods work just as well?  They’re certainly smaller and lighter weight than the old tape-playing Walkman was.


0 Responses to Implement Weaponry

  • Goofy and dated though this book may be, the idea that a woman can’t use is deadly force to fend off a man who is bigger than her and who is attacking her is far more dangerous. The instructor in a self-defense workshop I attended made the point that it is important to consider what you will do before an attack occurs and that during an attack you need to be totally committed to your response. You strike at the attacker’s most vulnerable areas as hard as you can and with whatever you can, and if you can’t commit to that counterattack don’t start it, lest you enrage the attacker further. Whether one can respond to violence with violence is a personal ethical decision, and no one in that situation should be criticized for their choices.

  • Princess Leah would be screwed trying that bra strangle. And yeah, it seems that this was more of a taco meat picture book, that a self defense book for ladies. Or, maybe a stand-in-risque-poses-with-wierd-objects-near-my-junk book.


  • I’m not very confident in my ability to remove my bra fast enough to strangle a guy with it, so I guess I’ll just keep a large cactus with me at all times from now on…

  • Yes, Steve. That would be EXACTLY my defense. I would absolutely decapitate a would-be rapist with dental floss and I think it’s a little creepy that you think that’s going overboard. Stay out of my neighborhood.

  • Woman should have a little weapon or she can master the little martial art that make she can’t be or not easy to be raped…

  • Wow. Really? This Steve guy thinks that it would be an unjustified kill if a woman kills the man who is trying to rape her? Are you f—ing joking? I would absolutely be using legal force in this situation and hope that any woman would. This book is sadly amusing and very unrealistic, but the basic point of self defense is no joke. If someone threatens MY life, you bet I’ll be using lethal force to protect myself.

  • I carry a knife in my purse after a series of muggings in the parking lot but how refreshing to know that I can strangle would be attackers with my headphone cords, or gouge their eyes out with my debit cards.

    On a side note, my boss just assassinated our office plant…I think I may suggest a cactus in its place.

  • There’s something about this that looks very much like The 3 Stooges.

  • The straw may not cut into his chest, but piercing a potato with a straw has been a staple of science tricks for a long time. However, it’s a misconception that it’s the air pressure in the straw that makes it work, even though you will find countless sources telling you so, claiming that you have to cover the end of the straw so that the air pressure will make the straw strong enough.

    Covering the end may help you, though, to apply pressure on the straw evenly, which is the real secret to keeping it rigid enough to pierce the hard object. If the pressure isn’t applied straight in the direction of length of the straw, the straw will, as expected, bend.

    Sources aren’t very convincing, since there are many books and websites that cite the air pressure theory and insist that it’s necessary to cover the end of the straw, but FWIW here’s one source debunking the air pressure theory (sorry it’s in pdf).

  • She was a professional. Do not try that at home.

  • …and attempted rape IS funny?!

  • I love the way it’s always the same man! There’s your answer then. Except in one picture he’s shaved his beard off to fool you.

  • I am going to carry a cactus in my purse from now on!

    • After much trial and error, I find a small to medium sized cactus sufficient to the self-defense needs of myself and family, however, conversely, have nothing positive to note regarding the self-defense efficacy of the ivy, fern, or spider-plant.

  • “wait till the airport security folks see this!”

    I’ve often maintained that the security folks are IDIOTS for banning my nail-clipper with the 3/4″ DULL file blade, but allowing 6″ long, sharp-pointed gel-pens. Even though I normally (when not flying) carry two Swiss Army knives (the larger with a 3-1/2″ large knife-blade), I’d be more likely to use one of the pens in a fight, because the knives aren’t lock-blades and could fold up on my fingers.

    While the specific items shown in this book are dated, the basic information’s valid: lots of household (office, purse) items can HURT if you use them to hit HERE, HERE, or HERE. Whether you’re using an eyebrow pencil or a gel-pen, the places you should stab are the same. Whether it’s a videotape or an insulated commuter mug, if you hit someone on the temple hard enough, you can put him DOWN.

    While the cactus-plant-to-the-crotch might look silly, the repeated theme in all the photos is where and how to hit, and especially, how to “fight dirty”. Unfortunately, too many women still aren’t willing to “go for the goolies” even when their lives are on the line.

  • Ever since Apple came out with the IPod, there has been nothing but excitement for the future of digital music players. Even though Apple still rules this marketplace, there are other MP3 players that are out there for you to use as well. Some of these MP3 players also let you carry around more digital files than just music. They will let you use the device as a thumb drive storage system as well. This is very convenient but it can also have a downside that comes with it. With the ability to use the devices in this manner, they can also be used to spread malware to other systems. This is why you must be careful when you load different files into these MP3 players. Even some of the MP3 files that you load into system may be carrying malware in them

  • A handful of spare change may just confuse him or allow him to buy some coffee after he has violated your anus.


  • Glaringly absent from this excellent list of effective self-defense devices, is the ultimate in home and self defense, the A-1 Protection “Poo Stick.” http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/761807/
    (Just remember, manufacture of the Poo Stick should be left to licensed professionals, and at no point should one fool around trying to make their own Poo Stick, neither.)

  • I agree with Carolyn. I’m taking a martial arts self defense class and the instructor tells us to use whatever means necessary to protect ourselves. In the moment of attack you don’t know what his intentions are and if you pause to consider you could be dead. You lay your hands on me or my child and you’ll wish for a cactus to the groin.

  • Now I know why my husband got rid of all the cacti in our house!

  • I don’t understand why you have to go for something to hit them with. I mean, hitting someone in the throat is going to incapacitate them whether it’s with your hand or with the thing you’re holding in your hand. Save your self the time it takes to dig through your purse. Also, as far a going for the groin, my sister took a self defense class where the instructor said that you shouldn’t do that. If a guy sees that you were aiming for there and you miss, he’s going to be angry. If you have a clear shot, fine, but if there’s any chance you might not make it, go for the eyes instead.

  • So, how long exactly does it take to decapitate someone with dental floss?Because I’m thinking that I’m not interested in that kind of time commitment. I think it would just be easier to whack him with my e-book reader.

  • A lot of these things are really handy, I have to admit (except for the floss—seriously, would you ask the attacker for some extra time so that you can wrap the floss around your finger to attack them with it? I think not!). When I was little, my father told me that if I was ever about to be assaulted, always aim for the eyes—no matter how big and strong the attacker is, there’s no way they could reasonably resist a gouged eye! If they’re not writhing on the floor in pain (and potentially screaming), you’d at least have a good chance to run the hell away.

    So, yes, always aim for the eye. The good thing is that there are many items/methods available to stab someone in the eye, including your fingers! Luckily for me, I’ve never had to use any self-defense tricks, and I hope I never have to.

  • I would just like to point out that if you had all of that stuff in your purse, the actual purse would become quite a formidable weapon. Just knock the guy out cold. In fact, you could hit him with that book.