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I’m a Nurse, Not a Woman

Nurse into Woman coverNurse into Woman
1948 (original copyright 1941)

Our heroine Kristine says she is going to be a nurse, not a woman. I guess they are mutually exclusive. But our gal Kristine has two possible guys that are quite sure she really needs to be a woman: handsome Captain Jim and super doctor Lee Bowen. Any guesses on the outcome? I think we already know that her destiny is to be a woman rather than a nurse.


Nurse into Woman back cover

Nurse into Woman description

Nurse into Woman cast of characters

Nurse into Woman excerpt

16 Responses to I’m a Nurse, Not a Woman

  • from all the nurse books available, who knew that nurses lived such romance, adventure packed lives? Makes me question my career choices 🙂

  • Wow! He loves her because she is “like a birch tree growing in one of [his] NH pastures.” How could she ever say no?

  • Ah yes, being a woman is a job and you can’t work two jobs. At least that was the theory I often saw in old movies.

  • I guess the subtitle of the book would be, “Because I am a man.”

  • But, wait, are the two suitors a captain and a doctor or a man and another man? Oh right. They got to be both.

  • Dammit, Jim, I’m a nurse, not a woman!

  • I would be jealous of Kristine for getting all the breaks too. I’d love more breaks.

  • Is the grabby Dean Martin drunk on the cover the hospital Chief of Staff? Are those the skilled hands of the physician?

    I assume she ends up with one of the men, but

  • This is so poorly written it wouldn’t make it to the Avalon/Thomas Bouregy list, let alone Mills & Boon/Harlequin.
    I rather doubt it ever saw the shelf of any public library, anywhere. Thank goodness.

  • “The kissing lips made the lovely old word a kiss”?

  • Wow! The size of the man’s hand in the cover! It extends over her entire back and the top of her arm.

  • No wonder there’s been nursing shortages…All of those females torn between role of woman or role of nurse….. makes so much sense. It would have nothing to do with a high stress job and lack of public funding or access to education.

  • Is it bad that even though I’m a feminist, I’d rather be a woman than a nurse? This is nothing to do with the romantic opportunities, and more to do with the fact I don’t want to clean up other people’s poo.

    • Ro, being a feminist means you have the right to choose whether to be a woman, or clean up other people’s poo, or maybe even both!