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I’ll Show You Cats

I’ll Show You Cats

Here is a lovely picture book from the olden days. Other than looking old, there isn’t too much to really complain about. I would prefer color pictures for today’s audience but it is still a decent book.  That said, after a little searching, I realized that Ylla was considered to be one of the more prolific animal photographers at the time. Obviously, this book deserves a place with a art/photography collection.

Bottom line, who DOESN’T want some cat pictures for the library?


More Kitty Pics:

Irritating Cats

Dancing with Cats

Fifi’s Adventures

On the Catwalk

Of course you should also stay in shape with  some Cat Flexing. 

9 Responses to I’ll Show You Cats

  • Oh look! Cats flexing.

  • I believe my grand mother has that exact same watering can… without a cat.

  • You can’t go wrong with cat media, be they photography books or Internet videos. Keep

  • If the internet goes down, this will definitely come in handy. 🙂

  • Cats? Cats? You want cats? I’ll show you cats! I’ll show you cats until you can’t look at piece of lint without seeing two ears and a cute widdle face! I’ll show you more cats than any one human will look at until the invention of the World Wide Web!

  • The title almost sounds like a threat. “Yeah? I’ve got your cute felines *right here*, buddy…”

    I like that these photos are actually photos of cute cat doing cute things instead of the boring ~majestically~ posed cat photos you saw a lot of in books from the 50s and 60s. I think one of those was actually featured here a month or two ago.

  • The photos are accomplished, the ‘story’…not so much.

  • This looks like the greatest book ever written?