I’ll Show You Cats

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I'll Show You CatsI’ll Show You Cats

Here is a lovely picture book from the olden days. Other than looking old, there isn’t too much to really complain about. I would prefer color pictures for today’s audience but it is still a decent book.  That said, after a little searching, I realized that Ylla was considered to be one of the more prolific animal photographers at the time. Obviously, this book deserves a place with a art/photography collection.

Bottom line, who DOESN’T want some cat pictures for the library?


cat in a watering can

cat and mouse

cats jumping


  1. Cats? Cats? You want cats? I’ll show you cats! I’ll show you cats until you can’t look at piece of lint without seeing two ears and a cute widdle face! I’ll show you more cats than any one human will look at until the invention of the World Wide Web!

  2. The title almost sounds like a threat. “Yeah? I’ve got your cute felines *right here*, buddy…”

    I like that these photos are actually photos of cute cat doing cute things instead of the boring ~majestically~ posed cat photos you saw a lot of in books from the 50s and 60s. I think one of those was actually featured here a month or two ago.

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