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I Will Survive

You’ll Survive!

I can’t imagine a teen walking confidently up to the desk to check out this title. (I suppose if the teen was confident enough to do that, would they even be interested in this book?)  Gloria Gaynor would be proud.


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  • This guy couldn’t decide whether being ‘Fred Power’ or ‘Fred Knowledge’ would give him more clout.

  • With a name like Powledge, the guy’s got to be an expert on survival. The bullying must’ve been relentless!

  • You will survive, but your eyes may never recover from the ugly colors.

    And joining in on the mocking of the guy’s last name, it sounds like some kind of weird onomatopoeia you’d see in the Adam West “Batman” show. “POW! LEDGE!”

  • With a last name like Powledge, I am sure Mr. “Pow!Ledge!” is an expert on teen loneliness. Just imagine teenage Fred as klutzy and awkward and the ultimate early bloomer that strives to be a social butterfly and fails miserably. Poor Fred!

  • What a smugly patronising title for a book helping teenagers with their problems. Being told ‘oh, you’ll grow out of it’ or ‘in ten years it won’t matter’ and other such remarks don’t help when you’re an upset teenager.

  • Actually, there are books with similar titles nowadays that are aimed at teens. My daughter often checks them out! Teens, especially middle schoolers, know they have these problems and do want to know how to survive them. Often an objective book is more helpful than a parent or guidance counselor that may ask lots of annoying questions. The content is probably outdated and the inside may lack the color and graphics that make these books attractive nowadays, but the concept is not at all outdated.