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Hate to break it to you youngsters, but teen idol Leonardo Dicaprio is now pushing 40. Those of you still hanging on to this for your teen section, your target audience has grown up too. Time to get a grown-up biography.


Leonardo Dicaprio back cover

Leonardo's vital statistics

Pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio

Pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio


  1. I remember scorning him as “just” a teen idol…then it turned out he really could act, and he has gone on to make a number of excellent films. No doubt there is a much newer and more in-depth book about him that covers his serious roles.

  2. Did anyone else read “Shakespeare’s doomed lover” and think they were talking about a role in which Leo played someone who had a romantic relationship with Shakespeare that ended badly?

  3. @ken: I didn’t, but that’s an awesome interpretation. Could make a YA novel out of that idea!

  4. I know it was the 90’s, but Claire Danes’ hair on the red carpet is hilarious! So glad that look went out of style.

  5. I completely mis-read the subject in my feed reader wrong and thought you were labeling Leo as a “modern day Romeo Catalano” as in a mash-up of Romeo and Jordan Catalano, which is actually quite apt for him.

  6. Ack. I’ve been wanting to weed this, but it’s actually one of my more recent bios. Unlike Jane Austen and David Livingstone, the kids actually know who this is. I just ditched our Bob Geldorf biography, though; the book referred to him as “one of the world’s biggest rock stars,” and I had to look him up online to figure out who he was.

  7. I actually read this book when it was new. When I was a teen. And now I feel very, very old.

  8. My sister actually had this book. I’m positive that she bought a copy of The Old Man and the Sea because of it. She was about 11 or 12 when this was published.

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