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New Wedding coverThe New Wedding

Submitter: For the time, this was probably a good book for a library. The first section of the book describes the “new marriage”, living together, equality, women’s liberation, individual growth, and independence. All hot topics in the 1970s. The rest of the book has marriage ceremonies and vows. One ceremony in particular has the bride and groom taking vows of friendship, rather than as husband and wife, quoting a scripture from the Song of Solomon. Clearly the book is dated in its styling with the dark, grainy photography. I’m not sure if modern couples are interested in hippy style vows or not, but most likely they would use google for ideas. People do like to write their own vows, so perhaps it would be best to pull this and get something newer. This book last circulated in 2004.

Holly: The circ stats really say it all, but the publication date is a strong indicator too. This cover art looks so familiar to me – I poked around our site to see if we had posted this one before. I didn’t find it, but I did find a few other books with similar photography. Not sure what he’s picking out of her hair, but it isn’t the most romantic cover for a marriage book. The contents actually seem quite relevant to 2018: social responsibility, equality, independence, etc. Like Submitter says, it’s just the dated context and photos that make it a weeder.

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  1. Another wedding book that got instantly dated (if it wasn’t already) with the passage of Obergefell v. Hodges. Will we ever see Adam and Steve or Amanda and Stephanie get married in a flowery meadow wearing macrame?

    1. Legalistical nitpick: O v. H was decided, not passed, because it was a court case. Laws are passed by a legislature. (I am not writing this with nasty in mind, please don’t read it that way)

  2. It appears that he is looking for ticks in her hair..they are standing in a grassy field after all!

    1. I am pretty sure he is putting a flower in her hair lol. I agree that the photo isn’t that good :).

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