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I Can Be a Nurse

I can be a nurseI Can Be A Nurse

Is it just me or do these student nurses look a bit over done? It almost seems  like a casting call for Rocky Horror.
I think we can all agree that nursing as a career is very different from what is portrayed here.  I was lurking around other catalogs the other night when I couldn’t sleep and the number of old career books for both adults and youth is almost shameful.  So what we have learned today?
–I have a sick hobby of surfing library catalogs when I can’t sleep
— Career sections need attention



0 Responses to I Can Be a Nurse

  • Another book my mom should have a look at. She’d get a kick out of the little hats.

  • I’m currently in RN school; all I can say is 1) thank goodness we don’t have to wear dresses anymore, horribly impractical and 2) Not only were the hats ugly, but hats were banned because research found them un-hygienic (hats brushed up against curtains and were rarely cleaned which equaled nosocomial infection)

  • Not to mention that the hats look like jockstraps. Rocky Horror indeed!

  • Did they steal those hats from Burger King or vice versa

  • So loving the hats! Michael Kors would say “French maid on steroids!”

  • I don’t know why but these pictures are frightening. Those nurses are evil.

  • Oh, this brings back memories! My elementary school had a whole set of these, including the nurse one…. it was out of date even in 1989!

  • Too bad men couldn’t be nurses back in ’86!

    • Unfortunately, there were nursing instructors/professors who felt men couldn’t/shouldn’t be nurses back in ’85… my husband had one while trying to get his BSN. He ended up changing schools and getting an associates degree in ’87.

  • I think I’ve seen at least one book from this series where I work. The reporter one…suggested weeding it but it’s still there.

  • I think you’re thinking of “Shock Treatment” – the Rocky Horror sequel. Rocky Horror doesn’t have any nurses in it.

    Trust the man who was part of a RHPS Troupe up until last year…

  • What was the purpose of those hats in the first place?

    • I think it was a hang over from when orders of nuns were nurses – the hat was a modern update on the habit.

  • I immediately went to the local libraries’ online catalogs and looked up this title… sadly, neither seem to own it.

    But ‘I can be a physicist’ (1991), I can be a zookeeper’ (1987) and ‘I can be a geographer’ (1991) are all available!

    I hope they had good hats, too!

  • in the bottom photo, the standing nurse is wrapping the other’s knuckles saying, “Okay Betty, the charge nurse has a glass jaw and bad vision in her left eye. Use that right cross and she’ll be on the canvas by the end of the first round!”

  • I loved the “I can be a” series! I read them in my Catholic grade school library in the early-mid 1990s, I just didn’t care that they were my age.

    I figured the cover photo was set up to catch your attention, knowing that that positioning/clothing of the people probably wouldn’t happen in real life.

  • I think all these nurses are still working. In the movies. Certain…types…. of movies. Ahem.

  • By the mid-80’s, most student nurses only wore their caps for the capping ceremony… you earned your cap after you’d completed a certain amount of course work. (Hubby’s a nurse.)

  • I can be a nurse, but if it means wearing a jock-strap on my head, do I want to be?

  • “number of old career books for both adults and youth is almost shameful”? As in, there are too many, or not enough? Please explain. Dave

  • Each new school I work at I typically have to weed career books that are over 15 years old.

    I weeded this set at my last position (a catholic elementary school Angel Blue01 !) in 2008.

    At my current school, I just found a book titled: Careers in the fashion industry: what the jobs are and how to get them by Nancy Folse. Publication date: 1951… Looks like I will be weeding career books again.