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Hillary Rodham Clinton: A First Lady for Our Time

Submitter: A blast from the past.

Holly: Ooooh, timely, too! (And I don’t mean in a pub date sort of way!)


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14 Responses to HRC

  • I’m surprised you didn’t also link to the book by Trump. OMG, it’s so old, his hair color looks so natural

  • Yeah, First Lady Clinton … whatever happened to her? What’s she up to nowadays? 😉

  • I saw a bumper sticker today, that said “I ♥ librarys and I vote”

  • I hope it didn’t say that!

  • I am a male, but I nonetheless hope that Hillary wins the election to become the first woman President in U.S. history, following in the footsteps of Obama as the first African-American POTUS. *HOWEVER*, if she indeed wins the election, I hope that she finally starts treating the Secret Service agents with more respect- according to most of the websites I have read about her, Hillary acts like a first-class BITCH towards them.

    • How is this relevant to the weeded book?

    • So it’s true, the only reason most American men don’t want to vote for her is because she’s a women. I knew it, if men in the US had their way women would once again all be treated like it’s still the early 1900’s. >:(

  • Halloween is over, but now I’m REALLY scared. I cannot for he life of me understand why a racist, sexist, war-mongering madman is even running for president. I think Americans are the lowest life forms on the planet Earth . But what I think doesn’t matter because I’m Canadian.

    • One State, Two State
      Red State, Blue State

    • Lora, consider yourself lucky to be Canadian (which you probably already did). Americans now get to find out what life will be like with a racist, sexist, war-mongering madman as President. President Trump. President Trump. President Trump… I still can’t make that sound believable.

      • But I have to say, I have never considered myself the lowest life form on the planet. Every nation has its deplorables — look at Rob Ford — but they don’t mean a whole country is like that.