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How to Recognize Abnormal People

How to Recognize and Handle Abnormal PeopleHow to Recognize and Handle Abnormal People
A Manual for the Police Officer
Matthews and Rowland

When I saw this title, I figured that librarians might need this cutting edge advice just like our fellow public servants, the police. As I read some of the descriptions below, I realized that they could have been describing me. Although to be specific, I don’t think people are plotting against me, I think it is the printer and copy machine in my library. It is the start of Skynet! I am positive!

These old publications are a great glimpse into the recent past and do have value in an academic or archival situation. I doubt if the cops are depending on this booklet in 2016.


ways abnormal people act

suicide attempts


sex offenders

11 Responses to How to Recognize Abnormal People

  • There is an instructional movie companion to this book, called “Booked for Safekeeping.” I recognized the photo on page five as a still from this movie.

  • Well, the section about sex offenders is of course woefully out of date…but my favorite is page 4 where they describe signs of mental illness and use as an example “an ugly woman” who talks about being a model!

  • Hears voices, talks to themselves, thinks people are plotting against them… Sounds like every day in a public library!!!

  • I’ve worked in law enforcement for 15 years. I would love this book so much.

  • cover: oh no he’s being attacked by a pack of abnormals! one of us! one of us!

  • “Many persons talk to themselves, particularly old people.”

    Its nice to know that the suspicious glances will diminish during my advanced years.

  • No, this joke’s way to easy to tell… :^)

  • I am surprised that the exact term “sex offender” was in use in 1954. It sounds much more modern to my ears.

    • And later on “gay” also (albeit with a much more negative tone than one would see in a modern book).