How to Be a Ski Bunny

How to Ski How to Ski Just a Little Bit

Submitter: Here is a gem that we found in our book sale. According to the dust jacket, two stylish ski bunny librarians June Biermann and Barbara Toohey from Los Angeles Valley College wrote it! I checked WorldCat and several libraries still have this book, which makes sense because WHY would you want to weed it?! Seriously though, if you wanted to learn to ski, and maybe even learn to be stylish while you ski, why just a little bit? Also, do you think in the bath picture she totally forgot to take off her ski boots?! The 70’s line drawings are fantastic!

Holly: Mary and I wrote a book too.  That’s right, folks, we’ve been published. Check it out! Maybe it would sell better if we included a picture of us all decked out as ski bunnies.  Here’s the thing, though: I sincerely hope that libraries who purchase our book WILL WEED IT in the next decade (or when the second edition comes out…your call.)  All shameless self-promotion aside, this book is cute and funny…and old and ridiculous.

How to Ski back cover

And a few pages from within.  By the way, the pictures have NOTHING to do with the text in a lot of cases.

How to ski

Ski outfit

Ski lift

how to ski


  1. I found a gem today at work – a 44 page poem about our local cathedral. It was gripping stuff. I can’t think why the only remaining copy is hidden in our local history library, completely forgotten.

  2. “By the way, the pictures have NOTHING to do with the text in a lot of cases.”

    That is an unbelievably ANNOYING thing for an author/illustrator/publisher to go and do to a reader. Images near words should bear a relation to each other, otherwise you’ve really got two separate and potentially clashing stories on the same page.

  3. This one is hilarious. I followed the link to read about your book. Awful Library Books made me a much braver weeder when faced with weeding the high school library I just left. So to make collections count, I recommend reading minimalist blogs (check out Miss Minimalist’s workspace: and read Awful Library Books for 3 months before you start any weeding project.

  4. I loooooooove the poem about the hottie with the socks outside the ski pants! I honestly didn’t notice his socks, but the poem flows nicely!

  5. Any copies of Alice in Womanland still out there? Sounds like an interesting take on menstruation.

  6. I like the “MTM” font style for the title on the cover. You’re gonna make it after all! Hot toddies in the lodge with Phyllis and Rhoda! Their description of Mammoth being crowded is accurate, though.

  7. On the other hand, I recommend their book “The Peripatetic Diabetic” and other diabetes books by June and Barbara. TPD has been updated once or twice, I think.

  8. The MTM font’s proper name is called Peignot. Strangely enough, I learned that earlier today way before this post while reading a completely different blog about retail history.

    And how safe is it to get into a bath tub with your ski boots on? Is that apart of continuing to look cute with no clothes on? I don’t get it. Kind of hysterical, actually. Love the drawings.

  9. @Anonymous –

    Well, if you live in Sydney, Australia, they have one copy in their library –!1996740@!3100001@!3100002&aspect=basic_search&menu=search&ri=1&source=!horizon&term=Alice+in+Womanland+%3A+or%2C+The+Feminine+mistake+%2F&index=ALTITLE#focus

    Here’s an article about the book –

    Actually finding a copy for sale is proving difficult. I’m mostly finding libraries that still have it, more long URLs –,0,&FormId=0&SearchAvailableOnly=0&RecordNumber=19878&DataNumber=150080726&ItemField=4&LastResult=!356087~!3100001~!3100002&aspect=basic_search&menu=search&ri=1&source=~!uprbib&term=Bennett%2C+Margaret.&index=AUTHOR#focus,0,

    Here’s a place selling a copy –

    Here’s another that for some reason has it under their children’s section –

    Sorry about the really long URLs. If they don’t work just google the full title “Alice in Womanland, or The Feminine Mistake” – I wasn’t sure HTML would work in comments. It never seemed to on the old site.

  10. In the library where I work I have had to explain to patrons the rather perplexing reasons some recipe books put appetizing photos on the cover but don’t include the recipes in the table of contents.

  11. Bathtub picture: I too have to wonder why she’s naked except for her boots. Are feet too scandalous to show as compared to breast and butt? Or are her feet frozen and she has to take a lukewarm bath to get her boots off?

  12. @Dsan – More important, how did she get everything else off with her boots still on?

    @Bev – I would assume it’s something you smear on your face to prevent wind burn.

  13. *Uninterested in skiing, therefore skims entry*

    *Backs up rapidly at what appears to be a drawing of a woman nude except for ski boots and a shower cap*

    * Blinks for several seconds, then moves on…*

  14. The only explanation I can think of for the lady getting into the tub with her ski boots on is to break them in in the hot water- I know hockey players do that with their skates.