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How to Be a Ski Bunny

How to Ski Just a Little Bit

Submitter: Here is a gem that we found in our booksale. According to the dust jacket, two stylish ski bunny librarians June Biermann and Barbara Toohey from Los Angeles Valley College wrote it! I checked WorldCat and several libraries still have this book, which makes sense because WHY would you want to weed it?! Seriously though, if you wanted to learn to ski, and maybe even learn to be stylish while you ski, why just a little bit? Also, do you think in the bath picture she totally forgot to take off her ski boots?! The 70’s line drawings are fantastic!

Holly: Mary and I wrote a book too.  That’s right, folks, we’ve been published. Check it out! Maybe it would sell better if we included a picture of us all decked out as ski bunnies.  Here’s the thing, though: I sincerely hope that libraries who purchase our book WILL WEED IT in the next decade (or when the second edition comes out…your call.)  All shameless self-promotion aside, this book is cute and funny…and old and ridiculous.

Back cover:

And a few pages from within.  By the way, the pictures have NOTHING to do with the text in a lot of cases.

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