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How To Be A Good Church Lady


The Stewardess

When I picked this up, I thought sure this was a career book about being a stewardess, like on an airplane. Nope, this is all about stewardship in church. This book is geared to the ladies that feel they have too much on their plate to be an adequate church volunteer/steward. Fair enough. How does one balance the needs of family vs. church duties?

This book is surprising in many ways. Unlike many of the Christian oriented materials we have featured here, this book is actually promoting choice in your activities and how you manage your home and children.

Bockelman felt that a woman that gives until she is resentful isn’t doing justice to her calling. She notes that there are many paths for women and not all are about marriage and children. She also admonishes the reader in judging others choices. I think the author is forward thinking and this rings more true than the “newer” books telling women to shut up and do what they are told.


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