How Ironic!

Getting Fired in 1974
Saturday Night Fever

scribbled on coverThe Well-Behaved Child: Discipline that Really Works!

Submitter: A colleague put this recently circulated item in my mailbox; it cannot go back on the shelves in its newly damaged condition. You can see the scribble marks on the front, and inside covers. She also put the post-it note on the book, noting the wonderful irony of this typically very frustrating occurrence for all librarians. How great to turn a negative into humor. Unfortunately, Mr. Rosemond, well-respected in his field, will have a slight ding to his reputation due to this child’s artwork.

Holly: I love this. Too, too funny. It’s a perfectly fine book and a great choice for public libraries. I’m sure Mr. Rosemond is truly “America’s Most Widely Read Parenting Expert” and has many, many successes to his credit. There’s always one, though, isn’t there?


Inside cover scribbled on


  1. Libraries are full of irony. We’ve had ‘how to train your puppy’ books returned with chewed corners, and my personal favorite, the patron who was sent to collections for not returning a handful of ‘how to organize your life’ books.

  2. My mother has a lot of recipes she wrote down a long time ago. One of them that’s for carrot cake, which I didn’t much care for back then, has a tiny person’s face with his tongue hanging out and saying “yuck” next to the title. But I don’t really remember drawing it.

  3. A few years ago we discovered a library account that had a bunch of books about survivalism and going off the grid that were long overdue.

    We pretty much decided we probably weren’t getting those back.

  4. My best example is the customer with the overdues and replacement fees acquired when he didn’t return books on credit repair. His charges were eventually sent to a collection agency.

  5. What about the water damaged potty training books? I guess its not super ironic, more disgusting.

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