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Hospitals: the experience

The Hospital Experience
A Complete Guide to Understanding and Participating in Your Own Care

I think I have been depressed since all the books showing up lately have illness or death theme.  I wonder if it is me?  Probably a good book in 1978 (coincidently the same year I graduated from high school, so old doesn’t begin to describe this one). The title seems to suggest that hospitalization is something worth experiencing.  (Try our new Xray machine!  How about an exciting colonoscopy?  Wacky skin condition?  Cool laser show in dermatology…)

It’s a weeder.


0 Responses to Hospitals: the experience

  • To me, the image suggests that you’ll be taking your own pulse at this hospital. While wearing a snazzy red sweater instead of a hospital gown, of course.

  • Hey; I was BORN in 1978 – are you saying I’m old?!

  • This book came out the year I was born. I sincerely hope The Hospital Experience has changed since then!

  • In ’78 I was about 2 years old and probably had a ton of hospital experiences (out patient) for bladder & kidney problems.

    Considering that – please not only weed but burn it! KILL IT WITH FIRE!

  • If it makes you feel better, I was three years out of high school and a junior in college in 1978.

    As for the cover–Jeez, hospital expenses really have been pared down if they can no longer afford a nurse to take your pulse.

  • I was in Grade 10 in 1978, and also spent time in hospital, where they LOST me for a while in admitting (they put me by accident in a closed section of the Emerg. Ward) I wonder if that sort of thing is covered in the book…

  • I want to read this if it really tells how to shoot lightning bolts out of your fingertips as illustrated on the cover!

  • Yeah, Doc…..I’m back. Stuck myself in the wrist with this orange lightning bolt again. I know I know, don’t play with lightning bolts…you think I’d have learned from my last visit…

  • I seem to have lost my right thumb…did I leave it at the hospital?

  • You either lost your thumb, Michele, or you have two left hands! 😉

  • That’s what happens when you lay your arm on graph paper.

  • If we follow that orange line on the cover, it makes it look like the patient has flatlined.