Hooker’s Holiday

Hooker's Holiday coverHooker’s Holiday

Yes, Holly and I have the mentality of your average 12 year old boy. This cover makes everyone laugh!

Hooker is the name of our protagonist monkey in this charming story.  No, there is nothing wrong with this book, although my copy was a bit worn. Animal welfare folks might be upset at the cage size and treatment, but other than that it is a cute story of a monkey that escapes the lab and causes trouble throughout the zoo complex. Personally, I would rather read Curious George.

Just Monkeying Around,


Looking for fleas

Hooker the monkey performs

Hooker lives at the zoo

Hooker the monkey's tail



  1. Wilfrid S. Bronson was my idol! I was always fascinated with natural science and can still remember signing out “Beetles” from the Parma-Ridge Branch when I was about 10. He added value with detailed illustrations and engaging, humorous narrative. I never saw this book, but in a very 40’s-50’s way, he is teaching the young reader respect and empathy for wild creatures who deserve to live in their native habitat.

  2. Whoever imagined that a children’s book and a “film” would share a title? This is the kind of title that produces interesting results for people who Google.

  3. My library has a book called “The Hookers of Kew” (about botanists [named Hooker] at the Royal Botanic Garden near London). I giggle like a 12 year old boy every time I get it out.

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