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Honey, you look tense

Pre-Menstrual Tension

Overheard at the publisher:   Hey, the gals should really respond to this book if we use one of those crazy fonts!

Seriously folks, why is this STILL in some library collections?   I was concerned reading about poor Susan’s struggle:

But don’t worry, there is a solution.  Susan just needs to plan for her “moodiness”.

Really, go look at your ob/gyn titles today and start culling that old stuff so all the Susans out there have decent medical information.


0 Responses to Honey, you look tense

  • Throwing yourself under a train is “silly”? This woman had some mental illness issues on top of good old PMS. Please, please, libraries: buy something new on women’s health topics! Even the classic “Our Bodies, Ourselves” came out in a new edition, for pity’s sake. And try not to beat your husband over the head.

  • Cull it, or at least move it to the 817 section for humor & satire.

  • Yeah reading about Susan, I was thinking that’s not normal PMS. She has some mental issues she needs to work out. Smacking your husband in the head, locking him out, waking up in the night hating him (and beating the poor guy while he sleeps)–these are examples spousal abuse, by modern standards, and if she were arrested PMS would not be a valid excuse.

  • Things to try: Sex
    Maybe its cuz I’m a guy, but when I’m angry at the world and want to beat my partner, the last thing I want to do is have sex with the guy.

    On the other hand I’ve never felt the urge to beat on him, either.

  • I don’t think massage and distractions are going to do it for this lady. She suffers from more than premenstrual “tension”. Seems rather patronizing to address the emotional issues she has as being within the normal range.

  • This is a hoot! The cover is so ’80s intense!

  • I wonder if it helps to do more than one thing on the list at the same time? Such as having my husband rub my back while having sex in a hot tub after taking some Vicodan?

  • Damn, I just saw that episode – what did B.D. Wong say about PMDD, again?

  • I don’t know, Laura, but why don’t you give it a try and report back?

  • Second bullet point on the cover “Specific guidelines for SELF DIAGNOSIS”; isn’t that like instant weed as “dangerous/lawsuit inciting” for the library and possibly the publisher? Does it have a disclaimer on the copyright page or similar about seeing a licensed/competent practitioner?

  • Funny, that’s my “things to try” list for this evening too!

  • I knew this book was old from the $2.95 price tag.

    And when I’m feeling that migraine I get during PMS coming on, the last thing I’d want to look at would be that book’s cover with that font!

  • If a man did those things to his wife he sure wouldn’t get away with saying he was “tense.”

  • I am astounded Susan’s story is presented as being within the normal range of PMT symptoms! As other commenters have noted, she is abusing her partner physically and emotionally. Why didn’t the editor/s quibble over such extreme behaviour being included alongside run-of-the-mill cramps etc, particularly given the list of suggested treatments clearly couldn’t do anything for her? This book can’t be weeded fast enough…

  • Is the cover font trying to be blurry on purpose or are my glasses way to magnified to view this as intended?

  • Agree with above-it seems Susan has some sort of mental illness triggered by her hormones rather than just flat on PMS/PMT. Poor information at BEST. Yikes.

  • This book seems to reflect the worst stereotypes of women as insanely hormonal and irrational: No, she doesn’t have mental illness, she’s just … a girl.
    Even given that, it’s moronic.

  • BTW, just really looked at the Bantam Book logo at the top and it brought me back memories as a teen. I used to really love to seek out their fiction books from the library, the 60s/70s/80s variety. In the mid 90s, of course. Just glad I never came across this gem. One thing I would do though is count on the fact that in twenty plus years the books at the library would still have order forms for other books at Bantam, sadly there were some that I wanted that I never got to read. Thank goodness for academic libraries and Interlibrary loan. I should have dreamed of this at 15 but my little Catholic school library did not do Interlibrary loan.

  • Seems to me if a guy knew his wife wanted to pick up a knife and kill him, he would be rather reluctant to help her try #3 or #5 on that list.