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Hockey Time

We Can Teach You to Play Hockey

Submitter: No, they can’t!!  And dig the modern equipment, not to mention the training method of stick jumping.

Holly: I’ll be honest: I don’t know much about hockey training.  That said, there are newer books on the subject.  Even if the concepts haven’t changed, this is an example of wanting the public to find books on the shelves that they can relate to.  When they see this, they think, “Wow, my public library doesn’t have anything newer than 1970!” and start to assume that everything you have and everything you do is equally irrelevant.  I’ll argue that there is a psychological aspect to keeping public library collections current.  Also, a lot of people interested in teaching kids to play hockey are people who have kids – and they were very likely born around or after 1970!

14 Responses to Hockey Time

  • Outstanding. I grew up in icy west Jersey and was interested in a career in the NHL.

    I gave up on my dream, but I should have just hit the library!

  • I’m really impressed that the kids in that picture are all wearing helmets. They’ve even got mouth protection. Phil, on the other hand, is letting his hair billow out behind him on the cover.

  • Just in time for the playoffs…..Let’s go PENS!!!! This book needs a game misconduct and to be ejected from the shelves.

  • Wait a minute! I’m a skating instructor and jumping over sticks is actually a very useful exercise! (I am serious.)

    The book however, not so useful.

  • No no, don’t weed it. This book is a total win. Phil floating in the slot with that killer head of hair while Tony shows off his proto-butterfly? Glorious. If you don’t want it, can I have it?

  • My first thought: It’s Jason! lol.

  • Helmets are good, and so are mouth guards; aside from that, there’s too much padding and protection. That’s right, too much protection. Players are armoured up from head to toe, and they feel invincible; consequently, they’re beating the heck out of one another, in fights as well as basic play. Meanwhile, the game gets worse. When falling on ice and getting hit with a stick hurts again, players will cut out the cheap shots.

  • I used to just beat other girls over the head with my hockey stick when we’d argue over who was going to marry Steve Yzerman.

  • Librarians should have masks like that too. It would make us prepared for cat fights and wacko patrons.

    • That would make a great library staff Halloween gag! Everybody with the hockey mask–jeezum crow!

  • Some of us who have kids were actually born before 1970. They keep us young–and tired. LOL

  • …and one more thing. The sticks: wooden. That means they bend and break, compared with these synthetic Swords of Gideon breaking some guy’s/woman’s jaw. Newer isn’t always better.

  • I wonder if this book addresses the fine art of bench-clearing brawls.

  • Am I the only one who saw the title and thought, “Gentlemen! We can rebuild him! We can make him better than he was before: Better, stronger, faster… we can teach him to play hockey!”