High School Vigilantes – Friday Fiction

Eating Badly
Creamy Goodness for the Tummy

Emerson High Vigilantes coverThe Emerson High Vigilantes

Paul Ross, nice guy editor of the Emerson High School paper is recruited for the Knights of Honor Society. They are all about justice and want to “clean up” the high school from all the bad elements. In other words, they want to be bad asses, but for a good cause. Of course things get out of hand. Now it’s hard to tell the “good” guys from the “bad” guys. Mom and Dad just don’t understand. Lots of teen drama for everyone



Emerson High Vigilantes back cover

Pages 2-3

Pages 26-27

pages 172-173


    1. Not really. I would have read her stuff as a teen in a heartbeat just by the titles alone! Friday Fiction is just for fun.

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