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Cosby: His Life and Times

Submitter: High school library: I am pretty sure this is no longer the place for these books. The first two, copyright 1986, are goners.  But I just ordered the Whitaker Life and Times book in September, after a positive NPR All Things Considered segment, right before the storm hit.  I think I need a new special “Fallen from Grace” section for Lance Armstrong, Bill Cosby, and others yet to be discovered.

Holly: I love that idea of a “Fallen From Grace” section – or maybe just a display. Clever. Books like these are less obvious weeds than some. On the one hand, Bill Cosby is an entertainment icon and Fatherhood is a classic. There are libraries that will want to keep it, for sure. I’m not sure most high school libraries are the place for that one – or the Eichhorn book either. Currency and completeness of information are more important for the high school crowd.

Chapter 4 show business

Chapter 6 She's Got the Whole World in Her Glands



  1. That’s crazy. Wouldn’t a student doing a current events report need a book like this? I don’t understand why a librarian would select against books based on the behavior of the author.

    1. Considering the book probably glosses over the reasons why he’s currently in the news, it might not be that helpful to someone writing a report.

    2. In this case it’s not the behavior of the author, but new information about the subject, that makes the book dated and incomplete.

      1. There is no such thing as a complete book about any topic. Students need to learn that they have to use a variety of sources to get a full picture. What Cosby himself wrote about family and relationships is obviously very relevant in the context of recent events.

  2. Keep them. To get rid of them would be like trying to erase the past. At one time Cosby was a much admired and beloved entertainer. The information that has come to light today does not change what the man has accomplished.

  3. ALLEGED behavior. He hasn’t been tried and convicted of anything (except in the minds of the public).

        1. No. Don’t be a rape apologist. Don’t tell 20 people that they’re liars when less than 1% of rape allegations are proven false, but 100% of rapists are liars.

          Don’t be that person.

  4. A Cosby biography that ignores accusations that have been around for years is not a good biography. Yes, the accusations have been around for years.

    1. The submitter didn’t really say if they weeded it; it sounds more like they’re pondering if it’s a possible candidate to be weeded.

      Now I want some Jello pudding.

  5. YOU’RE pretty sure?….. Well isn’t that special. What an abhorrent addition to this website/FB page. After about 8 years here I’m Definitely considering leaving this group… It hurts to say. Obviously alterior motives at play that this submission would ever see the light of day.
    No really I think I’m done here. Dude getting rung up by feeding frenzied media with unicorn stories and now a librarian group chimes in after swimming through the chum? Shame on you and the submitter.

    Patrick B.

  6. Writings and biographies of unpopular people belong in libraries. That’s the whole point of having a library as opposed to a book store, where popular opinion (i.e. sales) rules the day.

  7. When Tiger Woods fell from grace, I removed the one and only biography from our collection. I work in a Catholic school and the guy sort of blew it from my perspective. I replaced it with Derek Jeter.

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