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Hey, Hey, Hey!

Bill Cosby books



Cosby: His Life and Times

Submitter: High school library: I am pretty sure this is no longer the place for these books. The first two, copyright 1986, are goners.  But I just ordered the Whitaker Life and Times book in September, after a positive NPR All Things Considered segment, right before the storm hit.  I think I need a new special “Fallen from Grace” section for Lance Armstrong, Bill Cosby, and others yet to be discovered.

Holly: I love that idea of a “Fallen From Grace” section – or maybe just a display. Clever. Books like these are less obvious weeds than some. On the one hand, Bill Cosby is an entertainment icon and Fatherhood is a classic. There are libraries that will want to keep it, for sure. I’m not sure most high school libraries are the place for that one – or the Eichhorn book either. Currency and completeness of information are more important for the high school crowd.

Chapter 4 show business

Chapter 6 She's Got the Whole World in Her Glands

16 Responses to Hey, Hey, Hey!

  • That’s crazy. Wouldn’t a student doing a current events report need a book like this? I don’t understand why a librarian would select against books based on the behavior of the author.

    • Considering the book probably glosses over the reasons why he’s currently in the news, it might not be that helpful to someone writing a report.

    • In this case it’s not the behavior of the author, but new information about the subject, that makes the book dated and incomplete.

      • There is no such thing as a complete book about any topic. Students need to learn that they have to use a variety of sources to get a full picture. What Cosby himself wrote about family and relationships is obviously very relevant in the context of recent events.

  • Keep them. To get rid of them would be like trying to erase the past. At one time Cosby was a much admired and beloved entertainer. The information that has come to light today does not change what the man has accomplished.

  • ALLEGED behavior. He hasn’t been tried and convicted of anything (except in the minds of the public).

  • A Cosby biography that ignores accusations that have been around for years is not a good biography. Yes, the accusations have been around for years.

  • This has to be some kind of record: a book being weeded as obsolete mere days after its release!

    • The submitter didn’t really say if they weeded it; it sounds more like they’re pondering if it’s a possible candidate to be weeded.

      Now I want some Jello pudding.

  • YOU’RE pretty sure?….. Well isn’t that special. What an abhorrent addition to this website/FB page. After about 8 years here I’m Definitely considering leaving this group… It hurts to say. Obviously alterior motives at play that this submission would ever see the light of day.
    No really I think I’m done here. Dude getting rung up by feeding frenzied media with unicorn stories and now a librarian group chimes in after swimming through the chum? Shame on you and the submitter.

    Patrick B.

  • Writings and biographies of unpopular people belong in libraries. That’s the whole point of having a library as opposed to a book store, where popular opinion (i.e. sales) rules the day.

  • When Tiger Woods fell from grace, I removed the one and only biography from our collection. I work in a Catholic school and the guy sort of blew it from my perspective. I replaced it with Derek Jeter.